180 x 100 x 16mm Superflat Mailing Box B8

eBPakSKU: BX-B8-25SD

Item Colour: White
Item Size: 180 x 100 x 16mm
Quantity: B8 x25
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  • Size: 100 x 180 x 16 mm(Internal Dimension)
  • Large Letter Size, High Quality Rigid Flat Mailer.
  • Colour: White Outside, Brown Inside
  • Printing: Plain Front & Back
  • Box Style: Self Locking, Diecut Folding
  • Perfect Condition is Guaranteed!

Large letters

A large letter is an article which exceeds at least one of the small letter dimensions and has the following characteristics:

  • rectangular in shape
  • no larger than 260mm x 360mm
  • no thicker than 20mm
  • does not weigh more than 500g.

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