125 x 100 x 75mm Mint Blue Mailing Box B336 Diecut

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Item Colour: Mint Blue
Item Size: 125 x 100 x 75mm
Quantity: B336 x25
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This 125 x 100 x 75 mm Diecut Mint Blue Mailing Box is made of quality kraft corrugated cardboard with more 50% recycled fiber. It is Mint Blue outside, great for business packaging or gifting. The diecut folding format makes the most use of every inch corrugated board. It is double sided on the side walls (after folding) and seamless on the bottom and top, it makes 125 x 100 x 75mm diecut mailing box sturdier than regular ones still lightweight. Boxmore are professional eCommerce boxes made of quality cardboard with perfect finish. It is designed for efficiency. Choose Boxmore and feel the difference of great mailing boxes.  

  • Box Size: 125 x 100 x 75 mm (Internal Dimension)
  • Colour: Mint Blue Outside, Brown Inside
  • Board: e-Flute
  • Box Sytle: Diecut Folding, Self Locking
  • Printing: No printing Front and Back. We leave them totally plain for a professional clean appearance.
  • Brand: Boxmore, high Quality Cardboard, Strong, Lightweight Design
  • The Product is 100% Recyclable as Paper.
  • 365 Days eBPak Money Back Guarantee.

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